Presidents and Administrative Board

The management of the association: the musicians of Steenvoorde have always found the right man to lead their group.

In accordance with the statutes, chairman and vice-chairman may be chosen from outside the executive members.

The administrative board, elected by the members, is composed of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, archivist, examiners and the conductor.

The archives give as president in 1830, Joseph Beck. He will be succeeded in 1848 by Louis Verbeke, he obtained the grade of captain. Remember that the Philharmony has a paramilitary origin: the National Guard.

In 1878 the board consists of: Chairman Louis Verbeke, vice-chairman Edouard Serlooten, secretary Snyders , treasurer Jules Serlooten, Maës, Bocket et Bourdon assessors.

In 1884 Jules Serlooten becomes vice-chairman, Edouard Maës secretary and Vital Bocket treasurer.

The board consists of seven members, in case of death or resignation of one of them a successor is chosen in the General Assembly. Until 1914 the board was elected for three years and was re-electable.

In 1920 it was decided that the older members of the society constitute the board and they would be elected for life.

Some administrative boards

1er janvier 1902
Edouard Bourdon Chairman
Désiré Buttin Vice-chairman
Charles Davion Conductor
René Folke Vice-conductor
Vital Bocket Tresorer
Théophile Castelnot Secretary
Henri Annothé Assessor
Joseph Parmentier Honorary chairman
Joseph Bailleul Chairman
Joseph Parmentier Chairman
Arthur Decroo New assessor
Théophile Castelnot trésorier
A. Decupper New assessor
Joseph Parmentier Chairman
A. Decupper Vice-chairman
Charles Davion Conductor
René Folke Vice-conductor
Arthur Decroo Tresorer
Léon Vuylstecke Secretary
Paul Hauwen Assessor
Jules Delaeter Assessor
Jérome Peel Assessor

On February 7, 1920 the Philharmonic Society is assembled for an Extraordinary Meeting after the resignation of Joseph Parmentier (chairman), A. Decupper (vice-chairman) and the death of Charles Davion. The musicians choose a board composed as follows:

President: Justin Serlooten, vice-president: Arthur Decroo, treasurer: Paul Hauwen, secretary: Leon Vuylstecke, vice-conductor Jérôme Peel, assessoren: Jules en Paul Delaeter. 

Conductor Paul Debruyne is part of the board du to his function. 

On December 15, 1928 Arthur Decroo resigned and was replaced by Felix Delobeau hop trader. He holds the vice chairmanship.

On December 14, 1929 Justin Serlooten asks to be allowed to resign as chairman given his age. He was awarded as honorary chairman. Felix Delobeau was elected chairman of the association, Paul Hauwen is vice chairman, Leon Vuylstecke treasurer, Cyril Couture secretary, Leon Leurèle, Jules and Paul Delaeter assessors, the archivist is Lucien Gillodts.

On September 3, 1930 dies Justin Serlooten. The association attends the funeral. The family pays a black tissue to cover the big drum and drums (the tissue was still in use in 1980). After the ceremony, the Philharmonic Society has been invited for a meal. The diocese allowed exceptionally the musicians to eat meat (September 5 was a Friday).

With Felix Delobeau the association in good hands. He doesn't save his energy for "his" musicians. The Philharmony has become his "family". Fatherly he follows the progress of the musicians, listening to all and solving many problems.

In 1943 he leaves the association. This is the composition of the board on July 27, 1945:

Chairman Felix Delobeau, vice chairman: Paul Delaeter, treasurer Cyril Couture, secretary Felix Cappelaere, archivist Arthur Denaës, assessors Florent Becuwe, Andre Hauwen, Felix Vuylstecke and Marcel Delaeter. 

On March 23, 1952 disappears vice-chairman Paul Delaeter musician since 1892. The new board is composed as follows: chairman: Felix Delobeau, Honorary Vice Chairman Cyril Couture, vice chairman Felix Cappelaere, Treasurer: Arthur Denaës, Secretary André pods, Archivist Felix Vuylstecke, Assessors Florent Becuwe Marcel Delaeter Joseph Ruckebusch and Ernest Delaeter. 

On December 29, 1954 the chairman Delobeau dies.

"Ordinary man, good and useful he loved the musicians, as he met them, he always had a kind word for each of them, he shared in their joys and sorrows, he was always ready to help. Everything happened in the shade, he never put himself in the spotlights. He was proud of his association and after each trip, happy transmit the good remarks he received ... "

(funeral eulogy)

Félix Delobeau

Felix Delobeau : chairman 1929-1954.


Félix Cappelaere

Felix Cappelaere : chairman 1955-1975, Honorary chairmain from 1975 to 1979.

On August 13, 1955 a new president is elected unanimously: it's Felix Cappelaere.

From 1955 to 1975 he will be an exemplary president.


Here the composition of the various committees: 

13 août 1955   14 octobre 1961
Félix Cappelaere Chairman Félix Cappelaere
Cyrille Couture Honorary vice-chairman Arthur Denaës
Florent Bécuwe Vice-chairman André Hauwen et Marcel Delaeter
Arthur Denaës Tresorer Joseph Ruckebusch
André Hauwen Secretary Henri Ruckebusch
Félix Vuylstecke Archivist Félix Vuylstecke et Etienne Sansen
Henri Ruckebusch Assessor Ernest Delaeter
Marcel Delaeter  
Ernest Delaeter  
Joseph Ruckebusch  

On December 16th, 1972 Robert was ROBITAILLIE was appointed treasurer in 1974 and secretary Etienne Sansen.

In 1974, the Administrative Committee was expanded to 13 members and reorganized.

President Felix Cappelaere, vice president: André pods, Treasurer: Robert ROBITAILLIE, secretary Julien Gomez, archivist: Sansen Etienne and Jean Couture, assessors Joseph Ruckebusch, Ernest Dela Marketer, Michel Carton, Daniel Francke, Dominic Gomez.

On December 14, 1975 Cappelaere let Félix and André siliques the presidency and chaired behind to make room for the younger generation. Claude Becuwe was elected vice president, Félix Cappelaere honorary president and honorary vice-president André pods.

Claude Becuwe is a musician since 1935. He is also chairman of the carnival association "Les amis de Fromulus". In 1976 he was elected president of the Philharmonic Society and Michel Carton vice president.

The committee consists of:

Claude Becuwe president, Michel Carton vice president, Raymond Cnapelynck treasurer, secretary Julien Gomez, archivists: Sansen Etienne and Jean Couture, Robert ROBITAILLIE, Ernest Dela Marketer, Henri Verhille, Gomez Dominique et Daniel Francke assessors. Honorary President Félix Cappelaere. Honorary vice-president: André pods.

In January 1979 dies under President Michel Carton, he was replaced by Etienne Sansen.

On November 24, 1979 death of our honorary president Felix Cappelaere. He started in music in 1910, was appointed president in 1955, he was our president for the musicians of the 60s. Proud of its association followed the young president hair everywhere. At age 84, in Hazebrouck, he marched beside her and showed an example for the young. He died like a real musician, the eve of St. Cecilia as he came out of the rehearsal room where he was to receive a new uniform. The association was in full numbers at his burial. Awarded the Military Medal, the Croix de Guerre avec citation 14-18, Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur, he had served Steenvoordestraat the music of 69 years. The cravate Fédérale de l'Etoile would be issued to him a year later to 70 years of music.

In June 1991, Pierre Jacquemont, vice president since October 1989, president of the Philharmonic Society. He remained president until January 2003, and was then succeeded by Thierry Casier.

In January 2016, Fabrice Gambier becomes the 11th president of the Société Philharmonique.

You can find the members of the Administrative Committee on the presentation page of the members (names in bold).