From 1980 to today

In February 1980 the association loses one of those who can not be replaced. Etienne Sansen, vice chairman dies after a short illness. He was musician for 55 years.

1980: The association is celebrating its 160th anniversary. With the help of the Conseil Régionale and the municipality they organize a musical season.

January 16


Concert of the Musique Régionale du 43 RI under the leadership of Commander Philibert, who dedicated one of his compositions to the musicians of Steenvoorde: "Steenvoorde 160."

March 22


Spiritual concert with Mr. Jean Dekyndt on the great organs of St Peters Church. The Choral Armentièrois (70 members) led by Mr Dominique Lecocq.

April 26


Concert for the 160th birthday by the Philharmonic Society.

May 15


Gala concert by the Municipal Harmony of Bailleul led by Mr Jean-Paul Potteuw.

May 16


Music festival with 25 associations.



Concert of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Lille.

May 16, Ascension Thursday of the year 1980 is engraved in memory. Then 25 associations (to which we can add a 26th Les Bermudas) played in the various neighborhoods of the city, before coming together in a parade and each at the time be installed in front of the stage.

The music associations of Bergues, Erquighem Lys, Godewaersvelde, Grande Synthe Gravelines, Hazebrouck, Herzeele, Hondschoote, Isbergues, Le Bizet, of Doulieu, of Gorgue, Linselles, Neuf Berquin, Newport, Quesnoy on Deule, Renescure, Rexpoëde, Rosendaël, St John's Cappel, Steenbeecque, Vieux Berquin and Vlamertinge join us to form a group of more than 1550 musicians.

Under the leadership of Mr. Philibert, commander of the 43rd RI and conductor Daniel Francke, the pieces composed for the occasion are interpreted: Steenvoorde SPS 160 and 1820. It is said that the interpretation was heard three kilometers away. The day ended with a concert of the music of Rosendaël.

On Saturday, May 17th a dance was held. It brought together current musicians accompanied by their wives, but also former members of the association. On this occasion a wonderful cake with 160 candles were made.

That year, the association participates in the festival of Hondschoote, and of La Gorgue.

In August 1981 dies Ernest Delaeter. It was one of the donors / founders of the rehearsal room behind the "St Sébastien'Hoh".

December 16, 1981, during the General Assembly it is announced that the rehearsal room is moving for safety reasons to the Rue Carnot. The first rehearsal of 1982 will take place in this room.

In June 1982, the association loses one of its members in the person of Urban Berkein, bassist.